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Daniel James Brinson III a native of Jacksonville, FL was a very unique child growing up.  Daniel embarked on a musical trail at young age.  Music began to engulf his life so much so that he would try to imitate the artists that performed on television and radio.  Singing started to take its role when he first heard James Cleveland, Nat King Cole, Stevie Wonder and many other artists that drove people wild when they performed.
Then it hit!  Daniel knew what he wanted to be in life, a musical entertainer.  So he started performing in gospel plays. He also opened up for numerous artists.
On his quest to be recognized, he created DJB3 Entertainment in the fall of 1998.  He created Laughter Lifted Me in 2009 and “ARE U the One? Talent Showcase” in 2011.  

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Mr. Leeartis Miller
Leeartis Miller was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  He came to Jacksonville, Florida at an early age.  Leeartis Miller was educated in Jacksonville, FL graduating high school from Ribault Sr. High and continued on to Edwards Waters College.  In 1998 Leeartis became a Mason.  Leeartis has over 20 years experience in fashion, “he just has that fashion sense.”  Leeartis Miller is incorporating fashion and comedy on his journey to success.

Felicia Diane Smith was born in El Paso, Texas.  Her family moved to Jacksonville, Florida when she was a young girl and she has lived here every since then.  At a very early age Felicia fell in love with music. She started singing in the youth choir at church, as she got older she took piano lessons and sung in the New Youth Community Choir based out of Jacksonville.  Also during her high school years she was a member of the Mighty Raines Viking Marching Band 91-94.  She loves her family and spending time with her children, she also enjoys making others laugh.  In 2012 she joined the crew of Laughter Lifted Me Comedy Hour as a off the chain church usher known as “Sister Hold On Wait A Minute”. The soul needs laughter that’s why she clowns so much.  
Laughter Lifted Me Comedy Hour